National Roofing Supply Company RSG Hires Estrella Roofing in Glendale, AZ

Roofing Supply Group (RSG) in Glendale, Arizona is among the leading roofing supply corporations in the nation. They were sold to Beacon Roofing Supply in 2015 in a transaction worth $1.1 billion.

RSG had their pick of roofing contractors throughout the nation; they specialize in working hand-in-hand with roofing companies to grow their business by offering them wholesale supply in 25 states throughout 85 locations.

Estrella Roofing, LLC is proud to present a case study of how we came to be trusted and hired by RSG to complete this commercial flat reroofing project.

Project Type: Flat Roof Commercial

Service Type: Reroofing

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Zip Code85301

Year Completed: June 2018

Full Description

RSG (Roofing Supply Group) Flat Reroofing Project in Glendale, AZ


We’ve used RSG as one of our suppliers in Arizona for the past 15 years — it goes without saying — we’ve visited the Glendale location endless. Over the years we’ve established relationships with the RSG staff at the Glendale location. These relationships is what allowed us to discover that RSG had on-going issues with their roof.

The Problem: Chronic Leaky Roof

In short, RSG was going on their third year of chronic roof leaks. They had hired other roofing contractors in the past to repair the issue with no avail in solving the problem. When Phoenix would experience a strong dust storm or high winds, RSG would again end up with a leaky roof; frustrating!

How We Became a Candidate to Complete the Roof Replacement Project

When we got word of the ongoing issues, we asked our supplier at RSG if he would pass along our name to be put in the hat for consideration; the rest is history (nonetheless, I’ll share the details with you anyways).

A few weeks after we requested to be considered, we were contacted by the General Manager Andy and asked to complete an inspection. This was all we needed to have a chance to prove ourselves as a capable solution to remedy the recurring leak.

Inspecting the Roof & Providing Solutions

We completed the roof inspection on the 24’ flat roof, at the hanger location in Glendale. We then provided our findings to Andy by presenting photos and videos, before detailing recommendations.

We explained, that even though the roof was high it should be able to withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour without any problems. But, the reason it wasn’t was because the roll-off roofing was constantly getting peeled up and separating from the roof which would then cause the shingles to be peeled up. The repair methods used by the previous companies who attempted the repair was standard practice for single story flat commercial roofs; however, this was a two story roof and would require an additional layer to act as a transition between the shingles and rolled roofing.

I explained to Andy, that we would need to install flashing as the transitional layer and that we could attach it to the trusts of the roof, not solely to the plywood as it would likely not be strong enough to last. Not to mention, the plywood was already rotting.

We recommend removing the current roof materials, replacement of all rotted plywood, upgrades on the skylights, and finally, installation of flashing on transitions throughout. Andy seemed to understand that our approach to reroofing, instead of spot treating trouble areas, was the ideal solution to yielding a durable roof that would last for many years to come.

We submitted a bid outlining recommendations and cost.

Completing the Reroofing Project

The project took about two weeks to complete, including a short delay waiting for plywood to be delivered. One week after the new roof was installed, Phoenix, again faced a strong monsoon storm with high winds. While trees had been blown down all throughout Phoenix, the roof held just as it should. It has now been one year since the installation and there has been no concern over future repairs.

We had Estrella Roofing do a large repair to one of my warehouses, which included replacing OSB board, torch base and cap, shingles, and skylights. They did a great job. Juan and his team (field and office) are professional, timely, and do quality work. They communicated to me throughout the whole process, and did what they said they were going to do. I highly recommend Estrella Roofing!” See the Review at