Goodyear Tile Roofing Project w/ Review

We always love the chance to complete projects out in the beautiful city of Goodyear, Arizona. Over the last 10 years we’ve serviced 100s of roofs in this city. Homeowners spread the word to family and friends to ensure we remain a constant presence in Goodyear neighborhoods.

Project Type: Residential

Service Type: Tile: Low Profile Shingles Reroofing

Location: La Casa Linda Goodyear, Arizona

Zip Code: 85395

Year Completed Dec 2019

Full Description

A New Tile Roof Installed in Goodyear, Arizona


This tile project was not as the result of a referral, instead, local resident Ken Nichols, found us online by searching for a roofing repair company. When he saw our 5 star Google rating he contacted us to explain his roofing situation. He said he had two leaks and was unsure of the best approach to fix the roof. As a result, we scheduled a free inspection to come out and take a look for ourselves.

Upon arrival to the property we explained to Ken that it would be best for us to review the condition of the roof by conducting a 20 minute inspection; then layout a plan for repair.

While inspecting the roof we identified five trouble spots which were evident by the water damage.

To Repair the Leaks or Replace the Roof?

We then presented Ken with a video of our inspection including images of the damaged areas. This allowed us to present illustrations as we explained pros and cons of repair VS replacement. We left the data with Ken so he could decide if it was better for him to repair the current leaks, or if it was time for a new roof.

A few days later Ken called us back and said he would like us to complete the re-roofing project. The new Eagle style low profile roofing tiles were delivered to Ken’s house within two days and we were ready to get to work.

Ken’s Testimonial On Our Re-Roofing Services

We completed the project within a week as scheduled. Ken was happy with his new roof. Here’s what he had to say: Just like in the initial inspection phase, we walked the newly installed roof, capturing video footage to review with Ken. He was pleased to see his new pristine roof including all the tiles free from cracks. The added benefit of having footage of a completed installation archived, is that it can be used as proof that a roof was properly installed — should a manufacture require it for a warranty claim. Anytime we obtain a manufacture warranty for roofing materials we provide a copy of the receipt to the homeowner so they have everything they need to file a warranty claim on their own.